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Life is not about finding ourselves it is about creating ourselves! George Bernard Shaw

Cooee! It's me calling in from Thailand. Sorry, it's been a while, it's been a tad busy. Still, we've not done badly. We've moved into our temporary apartment and are well on the way to finding something more permanent. We're overlooking the American Embassy compound, which is acres of impressive greenery in amongst the high rise buildings. I love it, I can even hear the little birds sing in the morning.
So welcome to my new life as .... drum roll please, Hmmm actually, I have no bleedin’ idea, so how about Bangkok Blogger for now?
How would you feel if you were to arriving in a new country, where you know no-one, and you're not even sure what your life will entail? For me, it was a feeling of excitement, crossed with a rolling of the eyes, a smile and my 'here we go again' expression. 
Of course, this always happens Mr Wren was away travelling and so I rocked up for …
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Lazy days and sunsets on Koh Phangan

We've been away for a little holiday on one of Thailand's gorgeous islands, Koh Phangan. It's been a chance to kick back, relax, unwind, ignore the dawn break,  and check out the sunsets and do very little!

I have continued with my Blogging from A to Z (2018) Challenge  with the following posts on my new Little Wandering Wren Wordpresss blog. The posts since last week are below with the links:
H is for Happy Easter in Bangkok:

I is for Images of Thailand:

J is for Jim Thompson, Bangkok

K is for Koh Phangan:

L is for Life in Lumpini Park:

M is for Muay Thai, Thailand

Thank you to all of you who have stopped by there and here to say hello
Have a great week!

Wonderful Wanderings in Seoul, South Korea

Come with me, let's go on a little wander in Seoul, South Korea! I think like me, you might be pleasantly surprised.

I loved the history (even if most of it is rebuilt), 

I loved the trend of dressing up in period clothes to visit the Royal Palaces anyone wearing the traditional Hanbok costumes gets free entry into the historic sites,  how about that for a good idea?
I loved the vibrant colours everywhere...

I found the city extremely modern, the transport network was impressive at the people were surprisingly upbeat considering their neighbours.

 It was spring so that means candy floss and cherry blossom season.  The weather was perfect!

Practically the first place we went to was the Jogyesa Temple,  I mean how could you not be attracted to this colourful scene?
The Jogyesa Temple is the main temple in Seoul and the centre of Korean Buddhism. It was built in the late 14th century, but like most of Seoul was destroyed by fire during the Japanese occupation and rebuilt in 1910.

Happy Easter from Bangkok

You have to look long and hard to find Easter in Bangkok,  so imagine my delight when I came across this at a hotel cafe.
This is how the conversation went at our place:
Me: 'So, Easter must be coming up soon?' Mr Wren 'I guess so.'     ... more chitchat
Me: 'What you don't get any holiday?!' Mr Wren 'Nope.'
Silly me, of course, we don't get any holiday we are in a Buddhist country, but I'm a tad surprised with the low-key Easter approach, seeing how enthusiastically Christmas and Valentine's Day were celebrated this year. 

Especially given the Thai's love of anything sweet. I mean what is your excuse to munch on the most delicious chocolates if you can't pull the Easter card? 
The whole country can't all be on a sugar detox!
So here's a huge round of bunny ears applause to Chef Simon, the new Executive Pastry Chef at the Grand Hyatt Erawan Bangkok who has enthusiastically brought Easter to Bangkok. Well, let's face it if ther…

Riverside Elephant Yoga

It's the crack of dawn in Bangkok, the roads are empty and we are off to enjoy sunrise yoga overlooking Bangkok's Chao Praya river.

It was my birthday, so let's just say it was entirely my choice 
to get up at 5.30am on a Sunday. 
Mr Wren was less thrilled with the idea, but bless him he did it!

  We were there to join other keen yogis for a sun salutation with a difference.
Our yoga was held on the pitch for the weekend's Elephant Polo. 
The reward for such an early start 
was to be there for when the elephants had their breakfast.
The inaugural sunrise yoga   was part of one the biggest charitable events in South East Asia.

This event is a major fundraiser for the Golden Triangle Asian Elephant Foundation an organisation close to our hearts. 
We spent our honeymoon at the Anantara Golden Triangle, Chiang Rai, Thailand and it was here that we were first introduced to the foundation's valuable work.

The King's Cup Elephant Polo tournament is now in its 16th Year and has rai…

The Year of the Dog

It has been fun being in Bangkok to celebrate Lunar New Year. 
We hardly had time to recover from Valentine's Day  when there appeared to be dogs running around everywhere. We are of course celebrating the year of the dog!

These larger than life canines are running wild under giant red flowers outside the Central Embassy shopping mall. Inside, in the largest shopping centre in Bangkok, the designers had fun. Think bold,  think colourful and joyous. 
I know I keep saying it, but I am still in wonder at the contrast to last year monotones during the official year-long mourning period for its lateKing Bhumibol Adulyadej. 

If this was what was going on in the central business district, we couldn't wait to see how Chinatown looked. Bangkok's has a vast and substantial Chinatown. They say outside of China, this is one of the best Chinese New Year celebrations to attend. It lived up to all our expectations, it felt very festive.  Put your sunnies on and take a look at this! 

During the f…

Valentine's Day Surprise

Happy Valentine's Day How did it go at your place? 
I have loved reading some of your blog posts featuring your Valentine crafts and seeing homes so beautifully decorated. No such fuss at our place, Mr Wren and I had a pact. No fuss this year!

I do have a chuckle though every time we come home as this is what we see! Hey, not bad for me making no effort at all, is it?
You see we are waiting to move into our new nest, in the meantime, we are staying at the rather gorgeous Dusit Thani hotel. They along with everyone in this crazy city seem to embraced Valentine's Day with several million teddy bears!

The Thais are loving (excuse the pun) making a fuss of Valentine's Day Everywhere we go each shopping Centre is decked out in LOVE and roses. It is great to see the colour returned to the streets and the people smiling after last year's somberness following the passing of their adored King. 
So imagine my surprise  when I was given this vase of beautiful orchids this morning.

There was a …

Sawasdee from Thailand

Honey, I'm home!  My wonderful summer in Australia ended all too soon and before I knew it, I was back to pick up the pieces of my Thai life.
I knew I was back when life is full of 'oh my gosh, look at that' moments!

If there was one person who was none too impressed with wandering off into the sunset (or in this case trying to sneak out without him noticing!) it was the Crazy Poodle. He's normally a happy, easy going Cavoodle dog, with oodles of energy and a real zest for life.
He limped around wailing, off his food, the kids took him to the vets only to present me with a hefty bill and the comment the Vet thinks he's faking it!
Ohhh, Bless he is so hard to leave but the good news is that he is back to bouncing around, so who knows!

To distract myself I have thrown myself into a new course learning about Thai history and culture as a potential National Museum Guide. It has been full on, being two or three times a week, with pre-reading.
The course is either held at the N…