Thursday, 13 July 2017

Pad Thai Eyes In Bangkok

When you are new in a place, or in my case a country, you see things for the first time and they are wondrous and amazing. Mostly. But what if you couldn't see any of it? 

In the past few months, I have got to know some of the awesome team at People Eye Care Foundation. The PECF hold monthly eye care camps in rural areas and have helped restore eyesight in 37,000 people over the past 27 years in Thailand.

I know you are thinking how in the dickens did you go from refugees to the blind in the blink of an eye? Well, let me save that for another day, except to say that when I see an organisation that is all Heart with a capital H, I am happy to do my bit...

Mr Nicholas Bear serves up Pad Thai at his Press Conference with a little help from his friends at the British Club, Bangkok.
So today my bit is to share their story with my friends and readers around the world. It would be hard to live in Thailand with no vision. Just take walking around for a start. This country must be a world leader in uneven pavements and trip hazards, there is more than one of us ladies walking around with broken bones and bruises caused by not seeing what was ahead.

Oh, how sad if you were unable to see the vibrancy of life in Thailand, the smiles of its beautiful people, or the blue waters of its amazing beaches.
Talking of beautiful smiles, have you met my new Bear friend? He's called Mr Nicholas Bear and we can relate, he's been displaced too. He was born in China, but educated and worked as a fundraiser in England, before moving to Thailand.  He was one of many stars at the recent Pad Thai Eyes press conference where he launched his fundraising video.

Thai Capital TV presenter Raine Grady and to the right Khun Fox
Just to give you a visual on him here he is above with Khun Fox who brought him alive by stepping into his body. He said it was a sweaty and suffocating role, so on this day, Mr. Nicholas Bear sat quietly amongst us. His video shows however that given the chance he's quite the Bear about Bangkok in his new role as the chief fundraiser for The People Eye Care Foundation!

We see Mr Nicholas Bear in a Tuk Tuk, at The British Embassy and eating Pad Thai at The Blue Elephant Restaurant, Bangkok. Where his friends suggest that if everyone donated a small amount of money each time they ate Pad Thai, this would result in money to Pad Thai Eyes after each operation. 

The People Eye Care Foundation place a pad over the eyes to protect them whilst healing - clever hey?

It's hard not get caught up in the excitement of the #PadThaiEyes especially when we are introduced to some of the individuals whose lives have been changed by very little money really.

Thai Celebrities, TV Presenters Andrew Biggs and Miss Universe 2005 Natalie Glebova
So without further ado, let me introduce Mr Nicholas Bear's video. What do you think? Feel free to share it too with your local communities. 

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