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Keep Calm And Birthday On!

So far I'm onto my fourth country celebrating my birthday. Usually, I don't fuss much about birthdays, I'm not one for the big girls night out, or to treat myself with a big splurge...  

But this year is different. I've moved country. I now have a new visa in my passport enabling me to stay in the Kingdom of Thailand until May 2018. I'm away from the kids and the dog and Mr Wren looked at his work calendar, scratched his head and declared a meeting with dinner on my birthday.

I thought for a moment about pulling the old 'I can't believe you've got a meeting with dinner on my birthday AND it's International Women's Day' complaint, but wait a moment, no... That's a perfect excuse to celebrate with everyone, everywhere! 

'Hey, but I thought you said 
you never bothered much about birthdays...'

I can hear him call out as I am part way to booking a flight to Malaysia and using all his Airmiles for a return trip to the UK!

He's right, I've never made a fuss about birthdays, but that doesn't mean I never will. It's not a special birthday, except that it is a special birthday because everything's different...

Well, no worries. You can't keep a good Wren down and all that and if it's going to be, it's up to me... and so with a little help from my family and friends, including Mr Wren, who is now forgiven as he has given me the best birthday ever! Here is a run down on my amazing birthday week!

1. So this time last week I was cheering on my favourite tennis player, Irina Falconi at the Malaysian Open, exploring Kuala Lumpur and having a massive watermelon cocktail! Yes I know I hardly ever drink, but it's blooming thirsty work being the US official cheer squad, especially when the opponent is an on-fire Aussie, who eventually wins both the singles and doubles tournament. 

2. Then it was back to Bangkok for a few days. We celebrated my birthday early at an amazing restaurant with an opera singer between courses, not your traditional Thai restaurant, but a chance for me to forget my new Sweaty Betty lifestyle and pretend to be cultured. Even if I had to arrive in my flat shoes as you can't walk anywhere in high heels in Bangkok unless it's indoors on a nice smooth shopping centre or posh hotel floor!

3. Next, I ended up passing through Hong Kong, having just enjoyed the upgrade to Business Class hence the champagne. Thanks, Cathay Pacific and I didn't even mention my birthday. That flight was two hours of stretching out because you can, you know pushing every button and seeing how many ways you can get the chair to recline. Until the air hostess appears at my seat with her jolly "you called" voice... Oops did I?

I'm loving this life and having sadly been thrown off the plane for my connection in Hong Kong, I'm at the Tom Ford counter buying a ridiculously expensive replacement for my four-year-old Boots No 7 lippy! Well, it's my birthday splurge... 

I like the Tom Ford brand he describes the Tom Ford customers as "international, cultured, well travelled and possessing disposable income... for females" he adds: 

"strong women, ... intelligent women,
 who know how to enjoy their birthdays". 

Noo, he didn't,  I added that bit.

I only knew what he meant about having the disposable income once I'd done the currency conversion! Hmmm, maybe I'm not a typical Tom Fordie after all! Oops too late.

4. So final stop the UK and it's "fresh" here as the lady in front of me on the plane called it as we disembarked the aircraft. 

"Oh yes, it is and it's wonderful all that fresh, fresh air!" 

I sang as I leapt off the plane. Oh my golly, gosh what a massive relief to be back in all that cool air! So finally time to catch up with Mum and Dad and have a little time to stop and smell the daffs!

5. Then last but not least, someone else had a birthday this week. Our Crazy Poodle turned eight. He must have been having a lot of birthday cake because he put on over half a kilo in weight, this week. So clearly, he's back to being on good form after his illness: Happy Birthday Big Boy! I'm missing you, even if you're not missing us!

Thanks to everyone who has made my birthday so special and for all the lovely Happy Birthday messages on my Little Wren Facebook, Instagram and Twitter pages! It has meant a lot.

Love, Wren x

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