Thursday, 7 April 2016

Fuzzy Wuzzy Angels at Ferntree Gully, Upper

[Hello! You’ve found yourself at Day 6 of my April A to Z Challenge and you’ve joined a virtual bus tour of regional Victoria, Australia.  
My name is Wren and I live in Melbourne. During April, my husband and the kids are having to find their own dinner, whilst my Crazy Poodle and I, have an inordinate amount of fun showing you around. 
We are happy you can join as we get to know each other and explore the fabulous, fun, friendly, fantastic Victoria, for armchair travel at its best!]

Ferntree Gully - I wonder how that name came about?
Welcome back. Thank you for being such sports on 'D' Tuesday, squeezing into that Mini car. I love that I can throw anything at you and you’ll just rise to the challenge! In honour of Mary-Anne, Cynthia and Jeanie being so amenable to ride in the "boot", I'm going to suggest they get promoted to the front rows of this little bus which I found for the ride today! 

All aboard, I've found you a bus!
Now quick question, we need a driver. Anyone have a bus licence? It would also be kind of handy to know what medical skills we have amongst us? Don’t panic, this is virtual travel at it’s best. I can say with all certainty, unless you choke on your biscuits reading this with your cuppa, you will make it all the way!

Talking of tea,  we will end up hungry and thirsty! All offers greatly received. Sami, maybe you can bring some more of your Avocado mousse? That was pretty popular back in 'A' especially with Carol, Carrie-Anne, and Neesie, I know you you're not that fond of bush tucker, but you bake a lovely cake... just saying!

So there was a clue in my intro today, with  the words 'rise to the challenge'! I don’t want to alarm you too much, but today will involve a wonderful Blogging team challenge. We can’t drive the bus to the top of the mountain, so we’re going to have to wander, walk and maybe even wobble our way to the top of…

One Thousand steps!

Eileen and Cynthia, you have visited here with me before, so I'll let you lead the way!

Now Margaret, please don’t panic as I know you're still exhausted from your recent stone step climb, but I've got another job for you!  I'm putting you in charge of spotting the animals.
Just please don't yell out 'snake' as Karen and Nancy and others from 'A' are not fans, but if you can find a Bilby that would be awesome, but pretty unlikely as they are nearly extinct, more probable is a wombat or a wallaby. Binoculars to the ready. Good Luck!

So a little bit of history about this amazing place….

This 1000 step Kokoda Track Memorial walk is a popular 5 km walk, located in the Dandenong Ranges National Park, 35 Km East of Melbourne. 

As we trudge up these 1,000 steps, we will have a small insight into the courage, endurance, mateship and sacrifice required by Australian soldiers following the Kokoda trail in Papua New Guinea in World War Two. 

The Kokoda Trail is a popular bucket list activity for Australian's and it won't be uncommon to see people training for the real McCoy - they will be the ones running past, or carrying huge weighted backpacks! 

Before we head up, we can stop at the information boards which will tell us about more of the history.  Once Japan had invaded Papua New Guinea, it became one of the most bloodiest campaigns of World War Two. Had the Japanese been successful in their intentions in PNG, the mainland of Australia would have come under direct threat. Australia and PNG's relationship was cemented from these days.

We read some 16,000 Papuans were employed by Australia as carriers at this time. The Fuzzy Wuzzy Angels, was the affectionate nickname given by the Australians, to those who carried supplies and wounded soldiers up and down the Trail.

The Kokoda Trail in PNG is in dense jungle, our walk will take us through towering forests with tree ferns, manna gum, and blackwood before we reach the top of One Tree Hill.
No one eats the snacks till we’ve all made it to the top!
Thanks for your company today!

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