Tuesday, 5 April 2016

Daylesford, Victoria

Daylesford delights!

As those of you know who follow me on Twitter know 
(insert shameless plug for @LWWren)
I'm just a crazy soccer Mum trying to become zen yoga Mum.
I'm the worse sort of yogic: 

I'm a destination yogic!

One of my closest friends is French, living in Melbourne.
We've been all over the world together
We are fellow wandering spirits.
We love yoga, especially if it's somewhere nice!

We've been on a yoga retreat in Bali together
and today we're in her black and cream sports BMW Mini car driving to

destination: Daylesford, Victoria

And you're all invited!
Daylesford Lake
So sorry it's going to be a little squishy together, you're going to have to get into all sorts of positions that you never thought were possible, and that's just for the ride there in the Mini! Just think of it as a warm up for the main yogic event. After this, your lotus headstand will be a breeze!

We're not going far 
Daylesford is only 115 km North West of Melbourne...

View of Melbourne as we leave on our road trip
Daylesford is the perfect out of town destination; it's an easy drive, it's beautiful and it's in Spa Country. Initially, the town's growth came like yesterday's Castlemaine, through gold, but nowadays it is more famous for its bubbling mineral waters flowing from the many springs.

It is close to Castlemaine with a similar feel and some lovely historic buildings...

Daylesford Town Hall
On arrival, I will take you to the beautiful Daylesford Lake which is just enough of a stroll to work up an appetite for lunch. The Lake House is the most famous hotel and restaurant in town and it's pretty swanky, but I don't think we'll eat there. Not that I don't think you Guys can do swanky, far from it...

Daylesford Lake
It's just I want to take you somewhere more casually Aussie. I've chosen the delightfully named Wombat Hill. Wombats are my favourite of the Aussie animals, short legged and muscular, we come across them regularly out walking sniffling through the undergrowth. For those who do not know this gorgeous marsupial, here's a picture captured on another occasion:

So let's go to the Wombat Hill Botanical Gardens, they're rather lovely and at this time of year, the begonias will be looking gorgeous. These gardens go way back to 1863, which is old for Australia! 
View from Wombat Hill lookout
We can climb to the top of the Pioneer Lookout Tower and get a good feel of the lay of the land. We should be able to see all the way to the Macedon ranges. 

Wombat Hill Lookout Tower 
Phew okay, after all those steps, I expect you are ready for lunch and I think I know just the spot. How about we sit in the garden at Wombat Hill House? They also have some lovely local produce on sale, which make some nice gifts.

Wombat Hill House cafe
So I hope you have enjoyed today's Wander Victoria*, part of my April A to Z challenge. I am aware there's not been much yoga today, which will please Karen G! We will be heading off to stay in neighbouring Hepburn Springs and will pick up the yoga retreat, with more on the healing waters when we get to H is for Hepburn Springs! 

Margaret, I am pleased to say that Rajesh and Jim have joined our virtual tour today, as you asked where are the men?! So now all that we need to do is all get back in the Mini for the short drive home. Sami, Jill, Carmel and Neesie, if we could start with you. Could you get in the car and stick your heads out the sunroof, I know being experienced in Aussie weather, I can trust you to already have your sunscreen and hats on...

C'mon, c'mon the world record is 27 in a Mini car, we can do this! 

Now we might for the laugh, ask some of the Americans to get in the boot (just because all my American friends love the word "boot" aka your trunk) so Cynthia, Jeanie, Karen (Beatrice Euphemie) Eileen, Linda, Buttercup & Mary-Anne after you!  Now, Margaret I'm sure you know Gosia, Karen G, Fiona and Amalia so we might put you five on the back seat! Now that leaves Terra, Nancy, Carrie-Anne, Bette, Ruth and Ashmita please hop in and find yourself space somewhere! Jim and Rajesh perhaps you'd be good enough to give us all a push start and jump in where ever you can!

All on board? Perfect! Tomorrow is another day but maybe I should hire a mini bus? Thank you so much for joining me, as always I love your company!

PS: Wander Victoria is an initiative of our Victorian State Government to encourage us to explore the charms of regional Victoria. You can find out more on my previous post here

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